Balance bikes

We offer running wheels with different wheel sizes in our shop (8",10",12,5"). We provide an approximate age indication, but more important is the respective development of the child, the saddle height and the stride length!

The prerequisite for riding a wheel should always be that your child can walk independently and safely and that its feet can touch the ground completely. This will enable them to push off better and, of course, to stop better and thus make ideal use of the wheel! If you are unsure which bike is the right one for your child, take a look at our BLOG.


Running bikes are a great way for children to learn how to ride a bike through play and improve their motor skills. With a running bike, your children can train their balance, improve their coordination and strengthen their leg muscles. Riding a running bike not only develops your children's motor skills, but also their independence and self-confidence. It is a great way for children to play outside in the fresh air and explore their surroundings - SO every walk is fun!

KETTLER running bikes are characterised by their high quality, durability and safety, as these are always our top priorities. Thanks to the adjustable saddle height and handlebar position, the wheels can be adapted to the body size and age of your child. Thus, in the KETTLERShop we offer running bikes for different age groups, for example the small 10-inch wheel for children from 2 years and the larger 12.5-inch wheel for children from 4 years. If you are not sure which wheel size is suitable for your child, just read our KETTLER blog post about it.

For decades, the KETTLER brand has stood for quality and innovation in children's toys. Our running bikes are made of high-quality materials and offer your child a safe and stable riding experience. The child-friendly designs and the different colours make the running bikes a popular toy with children. Every child will find what they are looking for here!

If you want to offer your child a safe and high-quality way to play and ride a bike, then running bikes by KETTLER are an ideal choice. Browse through our range and find the right running bike for your child!

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