About the KETTLER company

von Wiebke Gericke - 9 Mar, 2023

1949: The "Metallwarenfabrik Heinz-Kettler" started with six employees on 15 January 1949.  Initially, "Metallwarenfabrik Heinz-Kettler" sold aluminium goods such as cookware and cake plates.  The first successes came with retail customers such as Karstadt, Kaufhalle and Woolworth...

1952: And yet: Kettler gave up household goods in 1952. Competition was too fierce and reasonable profits could no longer be achieved. But the really promising successor production was already in the starting blocks: camping furniture and camping accessories for the tent industry.

1960: "Innovation" was the motto. Existing products were constantly improved, and the list of new products grew just as continuously. Above all, the product range in the areas of play equipment, winter sports and household helpers was expanded. At the end of 1960, the first KETTCAR rolled off the production line - Heinz Kettler had brought the idea for this four-wheeled children's vehicle with him from the USA.

1963: The range of camping and garden furniture became more and more sophisticated and luxurious. At the beginning of the sixties, the Relax health lounger with its adjustable head and foot sections became a bestseller, and some people even used it as a TV armchair.

1968: And yet another product expanded the KETTLER range in the 60s: the bicycle, whose image changed for the better at that time. It was no longer the substitute for those who could not afford a car, but gained a reputation as a fitness and sports device.

In 1974, a new worldwide triumph was achieved: Heinz Kettler, for years one of the leading manufacturers of table tennis tables, had succeeded in developing the first table tennis table that was not affected by the weather.

1980 - 2005: Until his death in 2005, Heinz Kettler continued to successfully expand the KETTLER company, among other things by internationalising it and founding sales companies in the largest sales markets in Europe and the USA.

Since 2020, the further development of the products garden furniture, table tennis, home training sports products, bicycles and games & children's toys has been carried out separately according to product areas and global-geographical areas under the leadership of various entrepreneurial families, all of whom were closely associated with the KETTLER family, in some cases for decades, either as major customers or suppliers, and who also see Heinz Kettler's principles of innovation, quality and customer proximity as their own principles in the further development of KETTLER's history.