How do I find the right balance bike?

von Wiebke Gericke - 9 Mar, 2023

We offer running wheels with different wheel sizes in our shop (8",10",12,5") - only - 🤔 - which is the right running wheel now?

We give an approximate age on our page, but more important than the age is the respective development of the child, the saddle height and the stride length! Because this cannot always be determined by the age.

The prerequisite for riding a bike should always be that your child can walk independently and safely.

In addition, your child's feet should touch the ground completely, unlike on a "normal" bicycle. This enables them to push off better and, of course, to stop better.

It is recommended that the step height is 2 cm longer than the saddle height of the wheel.

But: How do you actually measure the stride length exactly?

It's quite simple:

The child stands with its back to the wall, legs together and stretched out.
A book is placed horizontally between the thighs and pushed upwards.
Now measure the distance from the top of the book to the floor.

This sounds strange at first, but it works great!

Here you can find an overview of the respective saddle heights:


Saddle height


Handlebar deflection limiter

Run 8

28 - 36cm

2 - 4


Run 10

30 - 38cm

2 - 4


Speedy 10

33 - 43cm

2 - 4


Speedy 12,5

35 - 44cm

3 - 5


Spirit Air 12,5

37 - 46cm

3 - 5


GO41 - 51cm3-5no


Another important point is the handlebar angle limitation:

Young, inexperienced children in particular tend to still make "angular" and jerky steering movements that can lead to a fall or tipping over with a running wheel.

In this sense, the handlebar angle limiter buffers the steering ability of small children that has not yet been practised and enables damped cornering.

For very young children and wheel beginners, a limit is usually recommended to prevent falls from the outset due to the handlebars being turned in too far and to enable the first practice rides ;-)

For children with running wheel experience and for perfect preparation for proper cycling, our 12.5" models no longer have a handlebar angle limit. This makes the transition to real cycling even easier!

And don't give up immediately if it doesn't work right away!

You'll notice that your child starts out on the bike without sitting on the saddle. They will soon realise that it is also possible to move around sitting on the saddle.

And because we care about your child's safety🧡 never let them ride without a helmet! Never let them ride without a helmet 😉 .