What belongs in a diaper bag?

von Wiebke Gericke - 9 Mar, 2023

You've just become a mum for the first time and are trying to get an overview of everything you need for your newborn? The first baby equipment should be thoroughly considered and researched - so that the little one will not want for anything in the end.  

A diaper bag is an important part of your basic baby equipment. Without this handy little bag, you would be lost when you are out and about. A diaper bag or a diaper backpack are your everyday helpers with your baby. Whether you prefer a backpack or a bag is entirely up to you. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, you can use any bag or backpack that offers enough space and carrying comfort. If you have twins, for example, your nappy bag should be big enough to hold twice as many nappies. The advantage of special diaper bags or diaper backpacks is, of course, that they usually already contain a diaper organiser and thus provide enough organisation among your things. You'll soon realise how important it is to have all your baby's utensils within easy reach when you're out and about.

Of course, your baby bag should also look good, because in the future it will replace your handbag and be your daily companion. In our KETTLERshop you can find the diaper bag in black and the diaper bag in grey. Both colours will probably always go perfectly with your outfit or even with your pram.

Once you have found what you are looking for and have decided on a casual diaper bag, the question immediately arises as to what actually needs to be considered when packing a diaper bag. We'll help you :)

Depending on the season, you will of course have to consider different things when packing your diaper bag. The contents also depend on the type and duration of your outing. With time, you will get a feeling for what you and your baby need on the way.

Here's what's a MUST in your diaper bag:

Nappies: The must-have of every good diaper bag! Think about how long your trip will be and pack a nappy for every 2 to 3 hours. Of course, it's always good to have a few more as an emergency reserve.
Changing mat: A small wipeable changing mat is already included in today's diaper bags - this is also the case with our KETTLER diaper bag. However, if this is not the case with your changing bag, you can also find changing mats in your local baby shop.
Wet wipes: When you are out and about, you rarely have the opportunity to wash your baby with water. So wet wipes are the perfect alternative for when you're out and about.
Nappy cream: You should also have this in your nappy bag to prevent nappy rash.
Bottles: As needed, you should of course pack the baby bottle with accessories. This includes teats, powdered milk and possibly baby food and a spoon. A thermos bottle with hot water is practical if you want to mix milk powder on the way. The KETTLER changing bag is also equipped with a practical thermal cover for the bottle.
Burp cloth: Burp cloths are practical all-rounders. They protect your clothes from your baby's burps, you can clean the baby's mouth or they offer you some privacy while breastfeeding. To be on the safe side, always take at least 2 of them with you, because they get dirty quickly. 
Dummy: it's best to keep it in a small box or resealable bag to keep it clean. 
Spare change of clothes: For each item of clothing, you should have at least one spare piece in your baby bag - after all, overflowing nappies or vomiting are not uncommon. An extra pair of socks is always a good idea.
Nursing pads: To protect your own clothes from leaking breast milk while breastfeeding, it's a good idea to pack some nursing pads as well.
Sunscreen: As you probably already know, in summer you should always make sure that your baby is never directly exposed to the sun and that you protect him or her from sunburn. Therefore, you should always have some sunscreen in your diaper bag, as well as a head covering.
Personal items: Of course, your most important things must also find their place in the diaper bag. Keys, mobile phone, wallet and whatever else you need. So that these important things don't get lost in the bag, we have equipped our KETTLER diaper bag with a separate mobile phone pocket, as well as a carabiner for your key and several smaller pockets for e.g. your wallet.

If you have these initial items in your diaper bag, nothing will stand in your way of a great excursion! KETTLER wishes you lots of fun! :)