Which is the best Kettcar?

von Wiebke Gericke - 9 Mar, 2023

How do you know which Kettcar is the best? You can find out here on the KETTLER blog!

"The KETTCAR was a great purchase and has given our family pleasure for many, many years."

We often hear this sentence from parents. A good play vehicle often makes several children happy at the same time. It is "passed on" from big to small. To ensure that younger siblings, cousins, friends' or neighbours' children are also safe on the road, it's all about quality!

That is why the quality and thus the safety and longevity of the Spiel + Kind articles is an essential aspect of product development for our designers.

Which Kettcars were there actually?

Some of the names will certainly sound familiar!

The "Daytona Air" kettcar was the most popular. Due to its high robustness, the great design and the handbrake, which allows a quick braking of the rear wheels, this kettcar was always a long-runner! Suitable for children from 4- 8 years with a body height of 100-130cm and a maximum of 50kg.

KETTLER has always paid attention to the safety of vehicles for children. The "Daytona Air" has a switchable freewheel that prevents the pedals from spinning when going faster or downhill. The stable seat prevents the child from "sliding around" and offers optimum support in a comfortable sitting position. The built-in pneumatic tyres enable almost silent riding on almost all surfaces. This is in contrast to models such as the "Spa" or the "Melbourne" kettle car, as well as the normal "Daytona", which have plastic tyres.

Because of the deep tread, the Kettler pedal car is a true off-road vehicle that can be driven in the forest, for example, without any problems.
So the "Daytona Air" - was and still is the best KETTLER Kettcar, a bestseller that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Similar to the "Daytona Air", the "Barcelona Air", "Dakar Air" and the "Suzuka Air" in particular were equipped with pneumatic tyres.
The "Barcelona Air" and the "Dakar Air" are also kettcars designed for the somewhat older ones. Both pedal cars are suitable for 5-10 year old children with a body height of 110 -140cm.

KETTLER will be launching a new kettcar in 2023. We cannot yet predict whether it will be as successful as the Daytona Air, but what we can say is: the kettcar is coming back!

There will be more information soon - so stay tuned!