Why and from when do you actually need a footmuff?đŸ€”

von Wiebke Gericke - 9 Mar, 2023

The days are getting shorter again, it's getting dark faster and the temperatures are dropping. In short: autumn and also winter are just around the corner!

Especially in today's times of energy crisis, it becomes important for this winter to stock up on as many warm things as possible. Babies in particular need a lot of warmth and not just in winter, but all the time! To ensure that the body temperature of little newborns does not drop even on cold winter walks, there are so-called foot sacks.

A footmuff should be cosy, warm, functional and weatherproof. You can think of it like a sleeping bag for adults. The footmuff is attached to a pram, buggy, baby car seat or even a buggy and protects your child from wind and weather.

When should you consider using a footmuff? 
Often you can use the footmuff from birth, because many models - such as the KETTLER footmuff - already fit into the baby bath or carrycot. Often only the head area has to be turned over a little bit and then forms an additional safe border for the sensitive head area. The footmuff can then be used as long as the child is still being "pushed". Whether in the buggy or for the sledge or buggy, you can use the footmuff for up to 3-4 years. Many prams or buggies come with a matching footmuff. However, just as many do not and here you should make sure when buying the footmuff that it also fits on the pram or buggy.

The KETTLER 3-in-1 Performance footmuff has 2 wind covers that can be easily exchanged with a zip depending on the temperature. On the one hand it has a thinner wind cover suitable for windy spring and autumn days and on the other hand a thick fleece wind cover suitable for very cold winter days. The third function of the footbag is that it can also be used just as well, without the attachments, simply as a base layer. In addition, the 3-in-1 performance footmuff is made of water-repellent material and has an additional protective cover on the zip to prevent moisture from penetrating.

The winter footmuff is equipped with cuddly soft fleece for a reason: we deliberately decided against down or lambskin, as fleece is much easier to care for and wash. All materials of the footmuff are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. The filling material insulates against the cold and at the same time wicks away moisture, ensuring that your baby neither freezes nor sweats.

The wind blankets can be adjusted to three different positions by means of press studs. For example, you can only half-cover your child. The footmuff also adjusts to the height of your child.

The foot area of the footmuff, like the outer layer, is made of water-repellent material and can be cleaned quickly with a damp cloth if it gets soiled by shoes.


Another special feature of the footmuff by KETTLER is that it fits all prams and can therefore be used universally!

It has universal belt slots - suitable for all prams. From Joolz, to Bugaboo, Maxi Cosi, Thule or my junior - the footmuff by KETTLER can be strapped onto any buggy or pram. The footmuff is also suitable for baby car seats and prams. Thanks to the elongated slots for the shoulder strap, there is no need to thread the straps from one step to the next when adjusting the height. At the back, at the head of the footmuff, there is an opening if the sports seat is equipped with a handle for backrest adjustment. The upper part of the footmuff can also be folded down in the head area so that it can be put over the backrest, thus preventing the child from "slipping down" when sitting in the seat. If the wind is very icy and whipping, the head section can be pulled closed just like a hood


The multifunctional footmuff by KETTLER is the perfect companion for the cold season. It protects your baby from wind, cold and wetness and ensures that it can snuggle up comfortably in every pram, buggy etc.! It is available in the colours grey and black!