FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers

What are the delivery times of the table tennis tables?

Within Germany:

The delivery time of your table tennis table is 5-7 business days, depending on the region in Germany. Please note that on certain holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) there may be delays of 2-3 days.

To Austria, France and Italy:

The delivery time of your table tennis table is about 10 business days, depending on the region in your country. Please note that on certain holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) there may be delays of 2-3 days.

How are the table tennis tables delivered?

The ping pong table is carried out with a two-man delivery. The shipping company, which is contracted by DHL, will contact you by phone to arrange an appointment. This applies to deliveries to Germany & Austria.

Delivery is made to the first lockable door.

Our K15 is pre-assembled and therefore can only be delivered to the curb.

Can I specify a desired delivery day for table tennis tables?

There is also the possibility of an agreement of a desired delivery day with DHL (only possible in Germany). The customer bears the costs. Please note that we need about 10 days lead time for a desired delivery day and can only specify the day itself, but no time window.

If you are interested and have further questions, please contact our service team.

Does the subsequent change of the delivery address cost?

Since DHL maintains large depots for the different regions in Germany, changes of address that also include a change of depot may incur costs that the customer has to bear. This must be requested individually per order.

If you are interested and have further questions, please contact our service team.

How do I return an item?

From receipt of your item, you have the option to return it within 2 weeks if you are not satisfied. Please contact our service team directly with your order number, we will inform you about the further procedure.

Please note that in the event of a return, we will refund the amount minus the return costs. The return costs depend on the shipping location and the item that is being returned.

Is the table tennis table delivered assembled?

Our table tennis table models K1, K5, K10 and our EDEN are only available as a kit for self-assembly. Only the K15 Outdoor is delivered pre-assembled.

We do not have staff available to assist with set up.

What happens if I have items with different delivery time in my order?

The delivery time is always based on the item with the longest delivery time, so we will ship your order only when everything is there. If you want a separate delivery, please contact our service team.

Do video assembly instructions exist?

On the written assembly instructions, which are included, you will find a QR code that automatically redirects you to a YouTube tutorial. There, the assembly is explained step by step.

On which models does the KETTLER cover fit?

Our KETTLER cover fits all foldable KETTLER table tennis tables, but also all other table tennis tables that have the same dimensions.

Are there still spare parts for my old KETTLER table tennis table?

The KETTLER table tennis models until 2019 and all products of the accessories are no longer produced, but were replaced by a completely new 2020 program under new management.

In this context, the difficult decision was made to discontinue the production of spare parts for table tennis tables until 2019.

The parts of the new 2020 models can not be used for the old models.

Who is KETTLER Trading GmbH?

KETTLER Trading GmbH is the rights holder for the table tennis and children's toy sectors. KETTLER Trading GmbH manufactures or has manufactured on behalf of KETTLER Trading GmbH in Germany, Europe and Asia, among other countries. All products are subject to strict quality tests and comply with the strict national and EU consumer regulations. In addition, KETTLER Trading GmbH commissions voluntary further tests for most products from recognized testing companies.

How does the article availability come about?

On each product page we indicate whether the desired item is available through the KETTLER store and (if so) within what period of time it can be delivered. This information is dynamically determined from the KETTLER Trading GmbH ordering systems and is subject to daily updates. The displayed delivery times thus guarantee a reliable service for our customers.

What are the general terms and conditions ?

You can find the general terms and conditions here ->

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different thicknesses of melamine resin board?

As a rule of thumb, the cheaper the plate, the lower the thickness and the worse the ball bounce.


What exactly is a melamine resin board?

A melamine resin board usually also consists of a wooden board (chipboard), but with a melamine resin coating. However, there are also pure melamine resin boards without a wood core. We use these at KETTLER. Pure melamine resin table tennis boards are between 4 mm and 10 mm thick. As a rule of thumb, the cheaper the board, the lower the thickness and the worse the ball bounce.

But even melamine resin panels are not absolutely perfect. The material is thermally and mechanically very stable and has good weather and light resistance. However, due to the so-called post-shrinkage (loss of volume due to drying processes), cracks can occur.

Nevertheless, experts clearly recommend the pure melamine resin panels in terms of weather resistance. The material is just harder and more resistant.


What is the fire safety class of the table tennis table?

The current tables do not comply with a higher fire protection class and, in case of doubt, cannot be placed in sensitive areas.

Is the handlebar of the wheels adjustable?

In our Run 10 model, only the saddle can be adjusted in height, but not the handlebars.

Due to production, it is intended that the handlebar should fit from the height for all settings.

Regarding the adjustability of the handlebars, there have been no complaints so far, but is certainly an interesting point for us, so we have this request in our latest model, the KETTLER GO made sure that both the handlebars, as well as the saddle is adjustable.


How big and heavy is a single plate half?

One half of the panel is always 1.53 x 1.38 m. Only the thickness varies, depending on the surface and frame. The panel half of a K1 Indoor weighs approx. 23 kg, K1 Outdoor approx. 16.5 kg.


What is the difference between the Soeedy and the Speedy 2.0?

The Speedy series has been technically upgraded.

The handlebar widths have been standardized according to the wheel size.

The rims and treads were completely renewed, and the main focus here was on the bearing.

It was changed from axles with ball bearings and cones to maintenance-free ABEC-5 ball bearings, which have a much better running behavior.

And the design of the rims was adjusted.


Is there a harness to buy to go with the Startrike Air?

Currently we do not offer a seat belt in the range.

However, you can equip your tricycle with a universal belt. In the baby market you can find universal belts as "walker belts", these can be used flexibly and are also suitable, for example, as additional protection for a high chair.

What leg length should the child have for the tricycle to be able to pedal already?

The stride length for a 2-year-old child is about 32 cm. This is the minimum for the child to reach the pedals. However, with our model Startrike Air, the child can comfortably put his feet on the interchangeable footplate as long as he does not yet come to the pedals and simply be pushed!

Does the Kettler double tricycle still exist?

Production was completely changed under new management at the beginning of 2020.

As a result, some models are no longer available, and we have also not adopted the double tricycle.

I myself also have twins in the family and find it nicer when they are two single tricycles ;-)

When they were a little more independent, the two of them wanted to decide for themselves in which direction they would ride. With the double tricycle, only one can decide that.


With how many kilograms can the EDEN plate be loaded?

The plate is loadable up to 120 kg.


What do the table tennis classes mean?

TT tables are subject to the Equipment and Product Safety Act. All products from KETTLER are marked with the GS mark (tested safety) as proof of their quality testing. Depending on the area of use, they are divided into different classes:

Class A - High performance sport

Class B - school and club sports

Class C - recreational (high quality)

Class D - recreational sport


What is the ideal way to clean the board, especially the playing surface, so that no damage occurs?

Place the TT table on flat surfaces, as this is the only way to ensure safe and regular play. For cleaning, a slightly damp sponge or cloth is sufficient, possibly in combination with a mild cleaning agent.


How much space does a stationary plate (EDEN) require?

Our production gave us the feedback that the table tennis table should have a distance of about 2m to the outside.

For the respective game sides it is clear, to the sides they recommend it, because so the "round robin" game is guaranteed.

In their opinion, there is no standard or specification, only a recommendation.

I have also found a good page here, but it refers to schoolyards, according to which even behind the plates 3m space is recommended.

According to these specifications, the space required for the stationary plate should be 5x10m.