What makes KETTLER so special?


We attach great importance to offering products of impeccable quality. Material and workmanship are very important to us.

Before the products go on sale, we take them under the magnifying glass. We also set up a trampoline or smell the fabric of an article - if we are convinced ourselves and have eliminated all doubts, only then the production is ordered.


Our children and play products and our table tennis accessories are delivered in a carton and are placed in such a way that damage is rarely caused during transport.

Some of our table tennis tables (K1,K3,K5,K10) are delivered as a kit. It is very important to us that the parts arrive well packed. So that the individual parts in the box do not slip back and forth, we also pay attention to an exact arrangement.

To ensure that the individual parts do not slide back and forth in the box, care is taken to ensure that they are arranged precisely.

Since the corners and edges of the plate halves are on the outside, these are additionally protected by several layers inside the cardboard box

Our K15 is the only panel that comes pre-assembled, so this is the only model that comes on a pallet. The table is particularly well protected by lateral plates on the pallet.


Our table tennis tables are delivered within Germany by a 2-man handling. To make sure that you can accept the delivery, the shipping company will contact you in advance by phone to arrange a delivery date with you.

All other items are shipped as a parcel, on weekdays usually on the same or the following day.


Our support leaves no request unanswered! We try to answer all requests within 24 hours! On weekends this can sometimes take a little longer, but don't worry: Your question will not be lost and you will get an answer promptly!

All employees in our support team know all our products and can therefore advise you and support you in all questions and topics in the best possible way!

Directly from the manufacturer

Since your concerns come directly to us, without any intermediate routes through dealers, we can answer all questions accurately and also handle all concerns about exchanges, complaints or product questions immediately.