The KETTLER COMPACT handcart is a loyal companion for 1-2 children. With its sturdy frame, compact folding size and push function, it makes everyday life easier. The included rain cover, tray and cup holder make every walk carefree.

Simple folding mechanism

  • Easy and compact folding in just a few steps
  • Wheels can be removed for smaller folding size
  • Can be pulled when folded

Secure transport

  • Safe carrying and lifting without the trolley folding apart
  • Makes it easier to lift into the boot

Adjustable handle

  • 5-way adjustment via lateral articulated joints
  • Different body sizes
  • Children can push themselves
  • Height 91-110 cm

A companion for many years

  • Quick conversion
  • Baby : straight lying area of 84x45cm-larger than any pram
  • Toddler: plenty of space and extra storage for toys
  • Sibling: no additional sibling stroller necessary, playing together possible

Flexible front wheels

  • Additional suspension
  • High number of spokes increases stability
  • removable at the push of a button
  • for all surfaces, as movable or fixed adjustable
  • EVA air chamber filled and indestructible, yet soft ride feel

Sturdy rear wheels

  • High number of spokes increases stability
  • Removable at the push of a button
  • Size and width of the wheels make pushing easier
  • EVA air-chamber filled and indestructible, yet soft to ride

Well protected on the road

  • Included in delivery
  • Sun canopy with UV protection 50+ ,can be pushed back and forth, easily removable
  • Rain cover protects from rain and wind, yet still provides a clear view to discover the world

Easy to clean

  • Foot area can be opened
  • Easy removal of crumbs and dirt
  • Children can remain seated in the pram
  • All covers hand washable at 30 degrees

The KETTLER Compact handcart is much more than just an ordinary handcart - it is a real everyday hero that is at your side in numerous situations. This compact trolley has a number of advantages that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Thanks to its compact folding size, which fits upright in your hallway, the KETTLER Compact handcart is the perfect solution for limited space. You'll never have to worry about how to store the trolley again. It fits comfortably in your storeroom, in the corner of the hallway or in the trunk of your car.

The Compact handcart is supplied with useful accessories. A rain cover protects your load or your children from unexpected rain showers. The cup holder and tray are perfect for keeping snacks and drinks to hand, whether you're on a picnic in the park or a trip to the beach.

The handcart offers enough space for 1-2 children. Enjoy family outings together while your little ones sit comfortably and safely in the buggy.

The high number of spokes in the wheels and the robust frame make the KETTLER Compact handcart extremely stable. It can easily carry heavy loads without swaying.

The front wheels of the handcart are fixed and adjustable. This means that you can switch effortlessly between different types of terrain, whether on asphalt paths or on uneven terrain.

The KETTLER Compact handcart offers a push mode that makes maneuvering easier than ever before. No more pulling and tugging - push the stroller comfortably and save energy for the good times with your family.

Parents with several children will love the Kettler Compact handcart. It can easily serve as a replacement for a sibling stroller, which means you can transport your little ones together without sacrificing comfort and safety.

The KETTLER Compact handcart is your reliable everyday companion. Whether you're shopping, going to the beach, visiting the park or taking a trip into nature, this handcart is always ready to carry your loads and make your adventures unforgettable!

Do you have any questions about the functions? Feel free to contact us! We know all about our products and can help you in the best possible way!


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