Indoor table tennis tables

Our indoor table tennis tables are only suitable for indoor use in dry rooms. An indoor table tennis table is not resistant to heat and cold and should be protected from direct sunlight and moisture so that you can enjoy playing for a long time.

If the decision is difficult for you or you need professional advice, our KETTLER support team is always there to help you with words and deeds!


Indoor table tennis tables offer a number of benefits that will take your game to the next level. With our table tennis tables, you can play all year round, regardless of the weather conditions. Rain, snow or shine, you can always enjoy an exciting game of table tennis and improve your skills. Our indoor table tennis tables offer an even playing surface and optimal ball reflection, resulting in a consistent and precise game.

At KETTLER, we set high standards for quality. Our table tennis tables are known for their durability, stability and outstanding playing quality. We use carefully selected materials and place great emphasis on precise workmanship. The result is table tennis tables that offer an optimal playing surface and last a long time. Whether you are a casual player or an ambitious competitive player, with a KETTLER table tennis table you can be sure to get the best out of your game.

Our indoor table tennis tables are also characterised by their easy handling. They can be set up and taken down effortlessly and can be stored away to save space when needed. This is especially practical if you have limited space or want to transport your table tennis table occasionally.

With an indoor table tennis table from KETTLER, you can have fun playing table tennis anytime and anywhere. Whether you want to improve your skills or just have a good time with friends and family, you'll find the perfect solution here.

Discover our large selection of high-quality indoor table tennis tables. With KETTLER you are ready for exciting matches and unforgettable table tennis moments. Order now and take your table tennis game to the next level!

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