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Wagon Accessories – Practical Additions for Your KETTLER Wagon


Perfect Accessories for Your KETTLER Wagon – Practical and Versatile

Discover the versatile wagon accessories at KETTLER! Our high-quality accessories make your KETTLER wagon even more functional and comfortable. Whether for family outings, shopping, or beach visits – with the right accessories, your wagon becomes an indispensable companion for any occasion.

Practical Wagon Accessories for Every Situation

Our range of wagon accessories includes a variety of useful additions that optimally complement your wagon.

Already included with the KETTLER Wagon COMPACT:

  • Sunshade: Protect your children from the sun with the practical sunshade. It provides reliable UV protection in sunny weather.
  • Rain cover: Be well prepared for bad weather with the rain cover. It keeps rain and wind out, ensuring that your children and your luggage stay dry.
  • Drink holder: The drink holder provides space for a drink and ensures you always have enough fluids on hand during your journey. The holders are easy to attach to the wagon and are especially practical for longer trips.
  • Tray: The tray is placed in the middle of the wagon and keeps snacks and drinks within reach for the children.

Why Wagon Accessories from KETTLER?

  • Easy handling: Our accessories are quick and easy to attach and remove from the wagon.
  • High quality: We use only robust and weather-resistant materials that are reliable even with frequent use.
  • Comfort and safety: With our accessories, your wagon becomes even more comfortable and safer for your children and your luggage.
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