Why is the KETTCAR called "Kettcar"?

Quite clearly: Because it is from KETTLER.

For many the umbrella term for a pedal car or a go-kart, but ONLY an original Kettcar from KETTLER may be called that!

And now it's back - with attention to detail, the functions of yesteryear and technically up to date.

To keep the KETTLER quality, a lot of attention was paid to high quality, durable materials.

And here is the final product:


What makes the KETTLER KETTCAR Evolution so special?

Driving fun!

The KETTLER KETTCAR Evolution is the ultimate vehicle for adventurous kids and teens who love thrills. With its aerodynamic design and pneumatic wheels, it offers a smooth driving experience that is second to none. .


The sturdy steel frame construction ensures durability and stability, so your child can enjoy hours of fun. If you are looking for a high-quality and exciting vehicle for your children, the KETTLER KETTCAR Evolution is the perfect choice!


Solight Ecco material gives the wheels an indestructible quality. They have an excellent feel and prevent squeaking when starting. On both uneven and smooth paths, the ride is always smooth and cushioning.


The seat can be easily adjusted 6 times without much screwing. The high backrest provides the best comfort, making even long rides comfortable. Lightweight material that can be wiped clean.


The steering wheel in racing driver optics makes all hearts beat faster. The steering rod is protected and maintenance-free.


The easily accessible handle in the middle allows you to adjust the idle speed.

Chain box:

Well-protected chain box prevents feet from touching the chain when pedaling and also protects against dust and dirt.


The easily accessible brake lever applies the brakes for both rear wheels.

The KETTCAR Evolution lets children's eyes shine!

The KETTLER Kettcar Evolution is the perfect choice for young adventurers and racers who are looking for a robust and dynamic vehicle for their leisure activities. With its sporty design and sophisticated technology, the KETTCAR Evolution is a real eye-catcher on any road, path or meadow.

The adjustable bucket seat not only offers an optimal adjustment to the size of the driver, but also ensures a comfortable and ergonomic seat. The adjustable pedals allow the rider to find the perfect position for even better performance. The handbrake provides reliable braking performance and is easy to operate.

The KETTLER Kettcar Revolution is equipped with pneumatic tires for a comfortable ride on uneven terrain. The wheel suspension is particularly durable and resistant, so even wild adventures and fast-paced races are no problem. The sturdy tubular steel construction is powder coated for shock resistance and thus protected against scratches and bumps.

Whether on the playground, in the park or in the schoolyard - the KETTLER Kettcar Evolution is the perfect companion for any outdoor activity. With its cool design and excellent technology, it guarantees an unforgettable driving experience. Grab it quickly now and let the adventure begin!