What is special about the KETTLER Kreaty play sofa?

Clearly: the variety of uses and the carefully selected high-quality material!

As one of the leading brands for leisure furniture, KETTLER offers a wide range of high-quality products that stand out for their design, quality and functionality. The KETTLER Kreaty play sofa is a special highlight of our product range and offers children and young people an ideal place to sit and play.

Building caves out of cardboard boxes is long outdated and boring:

The KETTLER KREATY offers children limitless possibilities for remodelling. All they need is a little imagination and creativity and the fun can begin!

  • Building caves, castles and fortresses
  • Guest bed for adults and children
  • Reading corner
  • Running around and jumping
  • balancing and climbing
  • cosy TV evening in the living room

Grows with the child

  • Babies crawl or stand 
  • Toddlers and children romp, play, develop creations
  • Teenagers chill, read and gamble
  • Adults read aloud or use it as a guest bed

Cosy covers

  • velvety soft covers
  • washable at 30 degrees
  • Fabric structure prevents slipping

Sturdy foam core

  • nice and firm so that the fantasy buildings don't "sag"
  • but soft enough to catch on or cushion jumps
  • Adults can sit without sinking in

Space-saving and easy to carry

  • fits perfectly under loft beds
  • finds space in corners
  • can also be easily transported to other places thanks to carrying straps

Available in 4 different colours!

The special thing about the KETTLER Kreaty play sofa is its versatility. It can not only be used as a seat, but also offers play opportunities. Children and young people can climb, slide and balance on the sofa. This promotes motor skills and provides lots of fun and exercise.

Thanks to the modular construction, several KETTLER Kreaty play sofas can be connected to each other. This creates an individual play and seating landscape that is tailored to the needs of children and young people. Due to the extension possibilities, the KETTLER Kreaty play sofa is also suitable for use in kindergartens, schools and public facilities.